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Maureen Brown

Maureen Brown is a First Nation, Cree woman who lives in Northern Manitoba . Maureen is a public speaker and main spokeswoman for Northern Connections, a First Nations group who travel internationally to share their faith through cultural expressions. She is also a First Nations advocate and a former elected leader of her community.  

Maureen was taught growing up that life is sacred, a tenet in her culture. The Creator gives life and He alone takes it. Yet the so called, pre-abortion “counseling” assured her that “it is just tissue,” not a real human being. They lied! These professionals gave her the nerve to go against all that she had learned from the elders about the sanctity of life. Maureen believes that if she had been told the truth about fetal development, she never would have followed through with the two abortions.

The guilt and shame associated with abortion is something she can identify with. Maureen's decision to terminate her two pregnancies had a profound negative effect on her. It is only now that this door to share her story on this experience is opening up for her. Once again, she is amazed with the weave of love, forgiveness, and hope that is emerging from this area of her life. She is now married and a mother of 4, they live in Northern Manitoba Canada.