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Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas from Brampton, Ontario

At the age of 22, I had an abortion. I became Pergnant in my second to last year of University. Fear of the unknown and pressure from others, ultimately lead me to end the life of my child. Even though, I had my boyfriend's love and support,I believed the lie that it was my decision and my body. Legalized abortion hurt me in so many ways. Emotionally, I was a mess. Many days I would come home in tears. I was a summer camp leader and studying to be a teacher, but yet I was tormented with the thought that I wasn't there for my own child. My decision killed my child, the weight of this pain was at times too much for me to bear. Abortion, also hurt my existing relationships.

The young man who lost his baby fourteen years ago, is my husband today. No one expected us to stay togther after the abortion or later to marry. You can only imagine what the affects of did to our young marriage. Shortly,after my abortion,my boyfriend gave his life to Jesus Christ. I was amazed at the transformation I saw in his life. The abortion affected me spiritually as well. I constantly thought, even if I wanted a relationship with Jesus Christ, how could he ever forgive me forthe death of my child? I later accepted Jesus Christ as may Savior a year after my abortion. I want to speak out today,so that women and men may know that abortion is not a "quick fix", but legalized abortion hurts everyone:women, men, and the unborn. I also want to speak to women who have experienced the pain of abortion, that there hope and healing through our Lord and Savior